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Get in-depth knowledge about Moldovan wine, culture, traditions, history, cuisine, and nature from a local expert.

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Best places to visit in Moldova
„Casa Parintească” Guesthouse

"Casa Părintească" Guest house is a true museum of craftsmanship. We recommend you to taste organic herbal teas with marvelous cherry pie called „varzari” and sweetening your day with delicious raspberry jam.

Asconi winery - where tradition meets innovation

Asconi winery was founded in 1994 and until now it is a family business. Here you’ll find one of the best pies across the country that we are calling it “Placinta”, which is perfect with their dry red wine „Sol Negru”.

Gagauz Sofrasi Eco Resort

The Ethno-touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrası'' is located in “the biggest village in Europe” - Congaz - and represents the culture and history of Gagauzian people.